Wings flies High!

Wings has just one goal: to help run your businesses better. This goal has driven its flight from Wings Accounting, award-winning accounting software, to a suite of world class software products – all designed to help manage your business better.

Used in over 100 cities in India, the Middle East and Africa, Wings has helped tens of thousands of businesses to run better.

Business India, India’s leading business publication, has featured Wings in its magazine (May 31 – June 15, 2021). The finest businesses have adopted and endorsed Wings as can be seen from the article. This includes giants like Vijay Sales, Popular Vehicles, CMM Arena and more.

We are thrilled when Mr Nilesh Gupta, MD of Vijay Sales, says ‘we now consider them (Wings) to be our integral part and not a third-party vendor’. Or, when Mr Rajesh Bhaskaran of Popular Vehicles says ‘We recommend Wings to any business.’  Or, when Mr Hari Kaul of GMM Arena finds ‘Wings to be taking care of all their requirements’. Likewise, it is heartening to hear thousands of businesses love Wings, like we do.

You can read the Business Today article here:

If you wish to have a copy of the entire issue of the magazine, please let us know and we shall be happy to share.

The Wings suite consists of several products which are 100% customised for each business and developed on cutting-edge technologies, featuring world class tools and utilities.

Wings ERP Classic: complete ERP for trading, manufacturing and services businesses

Wings ERP Auto: complete ERP for dealers of 2/3/4 wheelers, tractors, heavy equipment

Wings ERP EA: complete ERP for retailers and distributors of electronics, consumer durables and appliances

Wings ERP Retail: complete ERP for retailers of apparels and footwear.

Wings DMS: distributor management for FMCG and other businesses

Wings Accounting: cloud-based, online accounting and inventory.

Wings Books: desktop software for accounting and inventory.

The powerful Wings Business Intelligence gives you an insight into your own business like never before.

Wings commits itself totally to continually strive to help you manage your business better.

We look forward to your suggestions, criticism and references. Please call or write to

 Committed to you, forever.

Team Wings

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