You can work on columns to hide and unhide, column widths, arrangement, fonts, colours, column titles, word wrap, sort orders, grouping, tree-grouping, filters, conditions, export to Excel, pdf or CSV, emailing etc.

You can add additional data to existing reports of any kind: Master Field, Transaction Field, Accounts, Date Etc.

You may do many things with your data:

  • Options
  • Group
  • Tree
  • Tools
  • Charts
  • Find
  • Pivot
  • Sort Ascending
  • Sort Descending
  • Group By This Column
  • Show Group By Box
  • Hide This Column
  • Column Chooser
  • Best Fit
  • Best Fit All Columns
  • Filter Editor
  • Show Find Panel
  • Show Auto Filter Row
  • Configure Columns

Manage Columns

  • Hide
  • Rearrange All Columns
  • Cumulative


  • Filter
  • Strike Columns
  • Remove Duplicate View
  • Word Wrap


  • Filter
  • Hide
  • Column Conditions
  • Report Conditions


  • Conditional Formatting
  • Sub Total
  • Remove Decimals
  • Remove Duplicate Data
  • Column Totals
  • Sort
  • Matrix
  • Tree Summarized
  • Rearrange

Special Columns

  • Formatted Text
  • Amount In Words
  • Convert String to Numeric
  • Formula
  • Combine Column Values
  • Images

Master Related

  • Master Property
  • Master Node Column
  • Node Hierarchy
  • Master Alias


  • Transaction & Time
  • Month Columns
  • Year Columns
  • Date And Month Columns
  • Month And Year Columns
  • User Defined Date
  • Week Number
  • Current Date
  • Dates Differences

Transaction Fields

  • Transaction Field
  • Condition Columns

Account and Stock Balances

  • Stock Balances
  • Account Balances
  • Stock Value

You can choose the fields to Filter, Word-wrap, Remove Duplicate etc.

Configure Pivot tables from reports:

All the Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF, CSV etc.

To analyse the data you can group the fields to evaluate.

You can Search in the reports by Columns.

You can Search or Find anything in the entire report.

Matrix & Pivots

Using Matrix, Wings enables you to configure reports in multiple ways.

New Reports

You may create new reports from existing reports or modify existing reports.

Add a new column, add a field from a transaction to a report, add a text column, and add an editable column, an image column, to reports. Apply formulae on columns. Add master columns, date columns etc. Reports modified and saved with new names can be exported and used elsewhere.