Business Challenges

Marketing Managers badly want answers to questions like:

  • How are the products moving from Distributors to Retailers?
  • Which Distributors are selling optimally and who are not?
  • Which products move well with some Distributors but not with others?
  • How much inventory is piled up with Distributors, and in what manner?
  • Is there a geographic pattern of sales of some or all products?
  • Are Distributors’ salesmen selling well? Are they incentivised?
  • Are promotions and schemes passed on to intended beneficiaries? Are schemes effective?
  • Are Distributors’ claims settled easily?

Secondary Sales

Instant and accurate data of Secondary Sales and Stocks helps answer these questions. Secondary sales data gives an unprecedented insight into product movement, distribution, sales etc.

Secondary sales data helps plan and strategise sales, marketing, promotion and production better.

Wings DMS

DMS is deployed with a primary purpose of acquiring Secondary Sales and other sales/inventory data which is generated by distributors.