The Document Manager is useful in many ways. Below are a few examples of its uses.

Wings ERP Classic

In Wings ERP Classic, scanned documents can be attached to various transactions.

  • Previous years’ documents to Opening Balances
  • Statutory documents and licences to Company, Branches and Locations
  • Pictures and barcodes to Inventory items
  • Pictures and barcodes to Assets
  • Pictures and other Documents to Suppliers and Customers
  • Pictures and other documents to Products, Batches etc.
  • Supplier’s Invoice to Purchase transaction.
  • Quotations received to Orders.
  • Orders received to Sales Invoices.
  • Tax Forms like C Form etc.
  • Expense vouchers/Bills while making payments.
  • TDS Certificates received to Receipts from Parties.
  • Bank slips like Cash deposits, Cheques etc.
  • Bank statement to the BRS.

Wings Payroll

  • Employee Photographs, Signature, Thumb impression etc to Employee masters.
  • Pan card, passport, driving licence, educational qualifications, proof of residence etc.
  • Documents related to employee PF, ESI etc.
  • Contracts with employees.
  • Attendance at Branches.
  • Files generated from Bio metric devices.
  • Leave Letters to Leaves transactions.
  • Promotion, Transfer and Salary revision letters.
  • Resignation and Relieving Letters.
  • Tour statements and supporting vouchers.
  • Bills submitted by Employees for TDS.

Wings Fixed Assets

  • Purchase vouchers to Asset masters.
  • Pictures and barcodes to masters.
  • Insurance, Warranty, User guide/Trouble shooting etc to Asset masters.
  • Additions to Assets to transactions.
  • Asset Repair documents.

Wings DMS

  • Dealer application to Dealer master
  • Dealer appointment letter
  • Contract Documents made with the Dealer
  • Dealer statutory documents like TIN, PAN etc
  • Supporting documents to transactions
  • Claims related documents, and the like

How it works

Document Types

Document Types can be created to help classify, easily identify and retrieve.

One document for each Document Type can be attached to a master or a transaction.

Unlimited number of Document Types can be created and used both in Masters and Transactions.

Applicable Document Types

Masters and transactions may have different Document Types. Each master and transaction may have its own applicable Document Type.


  • Tax Forms or C Form
  • Damaged Vehicle Picture
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar Card
  • PAN card

Mandatory or Optional

Some documents may be made mandatory and others not.

The transaction will not save without the document if it was specified to be mandatory.

Viewing, Downloading and Deleting

  • When the Document Manager is invoked from a master or transaction, attached documents will be displayed, sorted by document type.
  • Documents can be then Viewed, Downloaded or Deleted.

User Rights

Document Manager comes with built-in security.

Users can upload, view an existing document, download a document or delete a document only if they have permission.

Upload, View, Download and Delete require separate rights independently, for each Document Type.

All File Types

Wings accepts all files as Documents. This includes an image, text, MS Office or other file.

The file can be stored and retrieved in the same format in which it was stored as and when required.


Once the document is attached and stored in Wings database it remains secure.

Since all the documents are stored in a single SQL database, back up and moving is simple.

Separate database

Documents attached in Wings are saved in a database separate from the Wings data in MS SQL.

The main database size and performance will remain unaffected.

You can always choose the transaction where you need to attach documents. As example, see for Purchases below.

You can configure the Documents type which you can add to the screen, for sample for Purchase Invoice we are uploading file by browsing from the desktop.

You can view documents attached to transactions individually.