Get company-wide analysis instantly. Control and manage your business centrally. Wings works for any number of locations, users and volume of data.

Wings is truly the only way to manage any multi-location organisation.

Typical architecture for manufacturing, trading or services companies

Typical architecture for an automobile dealer

Typical architecture for an electronics retailer


Wings offers great value when deployed as an enterprise system integrating remote locations:

  • Data of multiple branches automatically and instantly consolidated
  • Instant company-wide reports and analysis
  • Easy information flow between branches, locations, departments and teams
  • Automatic execution of transactions between branches. Examples:
    • inventory in one branch delivered to fulfil orders in another branch
    • orders received in one branch executed by another branch
    • amounts receivable in one branch collected in another branch
  • A single chart of accounts, product list, price list for all
  • Branch-wise data segregation, for security
  • Central administration of software, data and systems

Cloud or Local

You can deploy Wings in the cloud, or on a computer in your office with good internet connectivity.

Wings places your finger on the pulse of your systems always, wherever you are.

There is no better way to manage your multi-branch business.