Managing systems across multiple locations has always been a challenge:

How do you get company-wide data instantly?
How do you consolidate data of the branches
What is the profit of any branch, or all branches together?
What are receivables of a branch, or of a customer across all branches?
What is the investment in stocks at one warehouse, across the company, or of one product across all branches?
How are some products moving across branches over a period of time?
How to minimise leakage of revenue at branches?
How to minimise IT costs in a multi-branch company?
Answers with upto-the-minute data are essential for good decisions. Without good answers, your business suffers.

One good way
The only way to have upto the minute, accurate information is by deploying a web-based software connecting all locations.Unlike traditional software, Wings software are completely web-based.Install Wings on any computer in your office or on a web server and setup online systems connecting all your remote branches and other locations.You can then access your ERP, accounting, payroll, or other systems from anywhere – a remote office, factory, warehouse, project site, or even your home, a hotel room, or your car.Your finger can be on the pulse of your systems always, wherever you are.

Wings is unique and different from traditional software. Here is why:

You can install Wings on your computers or web server. Users can connect to the software directly over the internet from anywhere.
Wings does not require a local database. Users work only on the central server and database.
Wings works fast and efficiently even with large number of users and data.
Wings can work with even broadband connections.
Your total cost of ownership of online Wings is much lower than even traditional, non-web based software.
Wings offers an optional, alternative system which can work in an occasionally connected environment. In this offline system, synchronisation happens periodically and even automatically.
Local Network
While Wings is web-based, it obviously works efficiently on local networks and even in single-user mode.

Since Wings is designed to work on the web, it is fast and efficient over the internet even for large volumes of data and large numbers of users. Very often, performance and speed are as good as systems on a LAN. You have to experience Wings Online to appreciate the performance, and the technology.Wings can even work over ordinary broadband connections, with the server installed on an office computer. Businesses can, for the first time, set up true online systems at low costs.

You can achieve so much when you have online systems on Wings.

Information flow between branches, locations, departments and teams
Data of multiple branches automatically and instantly consolidated
Automatic and instant company-wide reports and analysis
Automatic execution of transactions between branches:
inventory in one branch delivered to fulfil orders in another branch which is under-stocked
orders received in one branch executed by another branch with automatic communication
amounts receivable in one branch collected in another branch with automatic communication
A single chart of accounts, product list, price list at the head office. All branches use the same lists.
Branch or location-wise data segregation, so that users of a branch do not have access to data of other branches.
Tight security by role-based users rights and privileges to access specific parts of the software.
To enable Manage software and systems implemented only at central server – achieving very huge reduction in maintenance costs and efforts.
Sometimes you may find that an online system is not feasible. If so, you may even setup an offline system. In this, a ‘satellite’ software and a database is installed on a local system to enable independent operations without connection with the server over the internet.This is desirable if connectivity is not available or extremely fast local operations, like billing, are desired. For example, a departmental stores would find an offline system more preferable than online systems.When connected, the satellite system synchronises with the central server periodically over the internet. Even automatically at pre-specified intervals.

All Software
The benefits of a web-based system are available whichever Wings software you use. This includes:

Wings ERP
Wings ERP Auto
Wings ERP FMCG/Packaged Goods
Wings ERP Electronics & Appliances
Wings ERP Apparel & Footwear
Wings ERP Books
Wings Accounting Nxt
Wings Payroll
Wings Fixed Assets
Wings DMS Online
To know of all the Wings products, check out
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Posted By Ajay Gandhi