Complete software for small distributors of FMCG and Packaged Goods.
Integrated with accounting and inventory.

Wide Scope

Wings Trade is the ideal software for small to medium FMCG distributors. Its scope includes Sales including barcoded billing, Financial Accounting, Promotions, Claims, Routes, Salesmen, Purchases, Inventory, Budgeting, GST.

Financial Accounting

Wings features complete financial accounting. It captures all finance transactions and generates all the Trade and records you need. In addition, it takes care of Post-Dated Cheques and Bank Reconciliation.


Wings generates all reports, analyses you will need:

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • General Ledger
  • Cash, Petty Cash & Bank Trade
  • Day Trade & Journal
  • All GSTR reports for filing GST returns.

It also offers extensive analysis including:

  • Trend Analysis
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Balances
  • Peak Balances
  • Consolidated FA Report

Bank Reconciliation

Wings makes bank reconciliation easy.

Post Dated Cheques

Wings manages your Post Dated Cheques completely. It takes care of both PDCs issued and received.

It includes:

  • All PDCs
  • PDCs Received
  • PDCs Issued
  • Ledger (PDC Account)


Wings automates the entire Sales function – from ordering to sales and collections. It enables fast billing, barcoded or otherwise.

You can keep track of sales, free goods issued, discounts given, adjustments made, taxes, payments received and other costs incurred during sales.

You may raise a sales invoice against an order, a delivery note or by itself.

Sales module covers:

  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Orders Cancellation
  • Deliveries
  • Sales Invoices
  • Sale of Damaged Goods
  • Memorandum Sales
  • Last Year Sales
  • Sales Returns
  • Salesman Calls Sheet
  • Salesman Targets – By Category
  • Salesman Targets – By Journey Calendar

For easy GST compliance, sales (and returns) can be captured as below:

  • Sales Invoice (Tax Invoice)
  • Sales Invoice (Retail)
  • Sales Invoice (Exports)
  • Sales Invoice (Exempted)

Sales transactions automatically post to accounts and inventory.

Reports & Analysis

You can understand sales performance, determine profitable product lines, analyse sales trends, seasonal trends for products, customer preferences and patterns, sale history etc

  • Sales  Book
  • Sales Order Book
  • Sales Analysis – By Party & Period
  • Sales Analysis – By Product
  • Sales Analysis – By Product & Period
  • Beat-wise Sales, Returns and Collections Report
    Load Chart
  • Sales Productivity – By Salesman
  • Sales Coverage Report – By Party and SKU Piece
  • Sales Coverage Report – By Party and SKU Case
  • Sales Coverage Report – By Party and SKU Value
  • Sales Coverage Report – Wholesales Club
  • Sales Coverage Report – Traditional Accounts
  • Sales Coverage Report – Key Customer Sales
  • Effective Coverage – By Party
  • Effective Coverage – By Item
  • Effective Coverage – By Party and Item
  • Distribution Width – By Party
  • Distribution Width – By Product
  • Distribution Width – By Product Category
  • ABC Analysis – By Item and Quantity
  • ABC Analysis – By Party
  • Beat Trend Analysis
  • Sales Targets – By Salesman
  • Sales Targets – By Party
  • VAN Reports – Invoice Details
  • VAN Reports – Item Details
  • VAN Reports – Cash Reconciliation
  • VAN Reports – Sales Reconciliation
  • JC Control


Wings is barcode enabled. You may scan barcodes using a serial port or a barcode scanner.
You can assign barcodes to your products and scan them while doing invoicing. You can configure product barcodes.

Fast Billing

With Wings you can do fast and efficient billing, using barcodes or without them. Bills can be printed on dot matrix or laser printers, on plain or pre-printed stationery.


You may use Wings Trade to record sales and purchases of mobile phones. It enables you to record IMEI numbers efficiently.

Multiple Price Lists

You may have any number of price lists for each product. You may even select multiple price lists in a single voucher. Price Lists can be used for various purposes – differentiating them based on kind of purchasers, product attributes etc.


Specify default discounts for products, customers and suppliers – by percentage or rate. Discounts are automatically calculated when you do transactions.
You can apply various discounts such as discounts for each item, discount on bill, trade discount, discounts applied on scheme etc.

Schemes & Claims

Wings supports promotional schemes of all types:

  • Simple Schemes
  • Combination Schemes
  • Primary and Secondary Schemes
  • Display Schemes
  • Coupon Schemes

In the Promotions engine, you can:

  • Assign and start and end dates for each scheme
  • Tag a profit center
  • Specify if a scheme is claimable/non-claimable
  • Assign to one or group of products
  • Assign to one or group of customers
  • Assign slabs to specify lower limits, discounts by value or percentage, number of free quantity to issue (pieces, cases etc.).

Wings provides a complete claims mechanism for your applied schemes. You can record the claims to be made with your parent company.

The standard reports include:

  • Schemes
  • Primary Schemes Report
  • Display Schemes Report
  • Coupon Schemes Report
  • Combination Schemes Report
  • Claims Report
  • Sales Promotions Report

Due Dates

Specify due days while entering invoices. Wings generates receivables and payables by age of bills.


Wings enables collections to be captured efficiently including:

  • Cash Collections
  • Cheque Collections
  • Cash Bank Collections
  • Quick Settlement
  • Adjustment Entry
  • Cash-wise Collections
  • Cheque-wise Collections
  • On Account Payments

Collections can be entered by routes, salesmen etc.

Inventory Management

Wings offers the most powerful and complete inventory management in any software in its class.

Wings takes care of complete inventory management of any kind of business. It supports:

  • Classification of products based on various properties or attributes
  • Multiple units of measure for each product
  • Multiple prices and lists for sales and purchases
  • Specifying discount rates and applicable tax slabs to each product
  • Stock Valuation on multiple bases
  • Multiple market values for each product for valuation.
  • Reorder Management
  • Deep analysis of inventory, and more


The module covers:

  • Internal Consumption
  • Internal Transfers
  • Godown Damages
  • Destroyed Goods
  • Shortages
  • Excesses
  • Opening Stock

Reports & Analysis

Wings gives the most incisive analysis and reports about inventory. This includes:

  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Ledger – Normal Stocks
  • Stock Ledger – Damaged Stocks
  • Stock Ledger – Free Items
  • Stock Valuation
  • Stock Valuation – By Profit Center
  • Stock List
  • Stock List – By Profit Center
  • Reorder Report
  • Damaged Goods Report
  • Orders Booked – Purchases
  • Orders Booked – Sales
  • Purchase Orders Cancelled
  • Sales Orders Cancelled
  • Pending Orders – By Party
  • Pending Orders – By Item
  • Pending Orders – By Date
  • Transaction Analysis – Normal Stocks
  • Transaction Analysis – Damaged Stocks
  • Trend Analysis

Product Attributes

Attributes of products can be defined and classified in great detail. Attributes can be tagged to the product at the time of both inward and outward movement of stock.

You can manage:

  • Line of Business
  • Product Groups
  • Product Categories
  • Product Brands
  • Brand Extensions
  • Variants
  • Pack Sizes
  • Formats

Multiple Units of Measure

Buy and sell in multiple units of measure. Define upto four alternate units for each product with conversion rates for each unit to the base unit or Stock Keeping Unit. You may record transactions of a single product in multiple units of measurement. It also supports inventory reports in multiple units. For example: Pieces, Cases, Litres, Millilitres etc.

Free Issues & Packages

You may enter free quantity in invoices. The stock ledger is updated accordingly along with the costing.

Reorder Management

Wings Reorder Management helps minimise and optimise inventory holding and reduce costs.

Specify minimum, maximum and reorder levels of each product item. Wings will monitor stocks based on these and help you manage them and reduce holding costs significantly.

Stocks Valuation

Wings supports the following valuation methods:

  • First In First Out (FIFO)
  • Weighted Average
  • Weighted Average Daily
  • Weighted Average Monthly

Set a default method of valuation for stocks.


Wings helps you manage your purchases as easily as Sales. Record your purchases, free goods received, discount received, adjustments and taxes involved, and payments made during purchases.

The Purchase module covers:

  • Proforma Purchases
  • Purchase Orders
  • Material Receipts
  • Purchase Invoices

For easy GST compliance, purchases (and returns) can be captured as below:

  • Purchase Invoices (Tax Invoice)
  • Purchase Invoice (Exempted)
  • Purchase Invoice (Imports)

Transactions automatically post to accounts and inventory.

Reports & Analysis

You can understand purchases performance, determine profitable product lines, analyse purchases trends, seasonal trends for products, customer preferences and patterns, sale history etc.

  • Purchases & Advanced Purchases Book
  • Purchases Order Book
  • Purchases Analysis Reports
  • Top N Customers Vs Products
  • Top N Customers Vs 5 Products
  • Purchases Analysis – By Party & Period
  • Purchases Analysis – By Party & Product
  • Purchases Analysis – By Product & Period
  • Purchases Analysis – By Product & Party

Receivables & Payables

Manage receivables and payables completely with Wings. Track of dates for bills, get ageing analysis, over dues, interest calculations, reminders letters and more.

Specify minimum and maximum credit and debit limits, maximum credit period, and maintaining records of previous year balances.

During credit sales or purchases you may specify due dates of payments. Reports can be taken for specified due dates to view the overdue bills and calculate interest, optionally.

In receipts or payments you may set off the correct Invoice against which the transaction is affected.


The AR/AP reports include:

  • Receivables List
  • Payables List
  • Pending Bills
  • Bill Details
  • Overdue Receivable
  • Overdue Payables


Define separate budgets for each account or a group of accounts for any period. The creation of budgets is easy and very flexible.

Create of any number of Budgets – each for a separate use.

Get Budget Variance analysis and Budget Allocation Reports.


Wings helps you manage any number of Branches, Locations, Projects and Divisions.

Classify your transactions by attaching them to a branch, project, location or a division. You can allocate a segment to the entire transaction or for each line. For example, you may allocate expenses to a branch, issue of stocks to a location etc.

Wings will give you reports by one or more segments. A powerful analysis tool.



Wings is GST ready and helps you comply with GST completely and easily.

You may create and manage multiple HSNs, SACs, Products and Services, Customers and Suppliers with GST details such as their GSTINs, addresses etc.

Tax Invoices can be created with ease and taxes are automatically computed based on the product or services supplied, place of supply – Inter-state, Intra-state, Export/Import etc.

Wings supports computation of taxes inclusive or exclusive of prices. The user has the choice to select the method of computation.

All business processes, including sales, purchases, inventory, incomes and expenses, take care of GST related functionality.

Wings generates all GST related reports including data for statutory reports.

Wings interfaces with Wings GST Filer to enable online interface with GSTN portal for seamless filing of returns. Till the GSTN portal becomes fully functional, Wings also offers data to be used by the GST Offline Tool.


Wings does automatic calculations of Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) based on the nature of payment. It keeps track of applicable rates, TDS collected and deposited, documents issued/received, effective dates and the period within which the collected TDS is to be deposited.

You may specify TDS Slabs, TDS Documents Issuable / Receivable, TDS Deposits and take the related reports.

Cutting-edge Features

The complete functionality is packed with great features and utilities to make accounting easy for you. This includes:


Wings offers Dashboards for every function, giving a snapshot of that function from various angles. These show key metrics and allow you to go deeper into the data and view reports. Invaluable.

Reports Designer

The powerful Wings Report Designer Books offer tremendous power of analysis to you. With these, you may view your data in any manner you wish – and also design new reports for your analysis.

You may set appearance, layout contents, format, filters, sort orders, language and apply formulae and conditions to the reports. You can even see the reports in two languages. You may save the new or modified reports in the menus for future use.

You will get to know your business like never before, and take better decisions.

Forms Designer

Design any number of print templates for invoices, vouchers, cheques and all other documents with the Forms Designer.

You may customize the appearance of the printed documents by using text, images, logos, and more, for plain and pre-printed paper, and laser and dot matrix printers.


Wings enables comprehensive multi-currency by transacting, accounting, reporting in all currencies. Define foreign currencies, symbols, prefixes and suffixes, and exchange rates in terms of company currency. Specify exchange rates on a daily basis.

Wings does complete multi-currency accounting for every transaction, helps manage exchange gains and losses.


Wings offers tight security. Create any number of users and give or deny each specific rights to create, access, view, print, cancel, print, delete masters, transactions and reports. With Wings, you are secure.

World Languages

Wings can work in major world and Indian languages. Wings will work in the language specified and for Arabic it will flip screens to appear from right to left. Maintain a personal dictionary to help with better translation.


Wings is hugely customisable. The entire menu and all screens would adjust according to the preferences set.

  • Modules can be enabled or disabled.
  • Transaction Screens can be customised for appearance, content, behaviour, formats etc.
  • Extra fields may be added to any transaction and reports.
  • Drop downs may be customised to include data from the system.
  • Field captions can be changed at will.
  • Data can be imported or exported to CSV/Excel files.

Email Documents, Reports

Wings helps you email all documents – reports, formatted documents, invoices etc – to any party directly.


Send text messages to customers and suppliers from transactions and reports. The messages can be customised and can include data from the system.


Wings offers several valuable tools.

  • Renumber Vouchers
  • Easy Year End Process
  • Automatic Backups
  • Drill Down in reports
  • Dual Mode Printing – on dot matrix and laser printers
  • Keyboard Friendly
  • Short-Cut Menus

Auto Software Updates

Wings updates itself over the internet with the latest releases and feature additions.

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