Manage your FMCG business effortlessly.
The complete ERP software for distributors, traders and retailers of FMCG & Packaged Goods.

Wide Scope

Wings ERP FMCG takes care of every requirement of the business including Sales, Purchases, Financial Accounting, Inventory, GST etc powered by special features like Promotions, Batches, etc.
WingsApp helps you capture data and view reports on mobile devices.


Manage sales flow completely, from orders to invoicing and collections.

Routes & Salesmen

Sell, deliver and collect by Routes (Beats) and Salesmen

  • Efficient Delivery planning
  • Load Charts by routes/salesmen
  • Analysis

Prices & Price Lists

  • Multiple Price Lists for every product. Examples: Price Lists for Distributors, Dealers, Retailers and Government Departments.
  • Define Price Types like Retail Price Type and Wholesale Price Type for a Price List for every product.
  • Product-wise or Batch-wise Prices


Promotions and Schemes of all kinds. Automatic application in billing and deliveries.

  • Primary (manufacturer’s) promotions
  • Secondary (distributors’) promotions
  • Simple Promotions
  • Combination Promotions


Apply discounts based on product/service or a party.

  • Apply discounts in bulk for products/services.
  • Apply discounts in bulk for your customers.
  • Party-wise, product-wise discounts
  • Voucher discounts


Set targets for your branch, group of customers and groups of products. For a month or year. For quantity or value. Measure performance by targets versus achievements.

  • Sales Target Achievement by Value
  • Sales Target Achievement by Quantity


Wings gives great analysis of your sales. Some reports include:

  • Category wise Sales
  • Brand wise Sales
  • Salesman wise sales
  • Salesman Productivity
  • Distribution width by Product
  • Sales Analysis by Party and Period
  • Distribution width by category
  • Distribution width by customer
  • Billed and Unbilled items
  • Load chart by Salesman, Route etc.,
  • Sales Analysis by Brand, Category and Item,
  • Sales Analysis by Product and Period
  • Van Sales
  • Order Book
  • Deliveries
  • Open Transactions
  • Invoice-wise Profitability
  • Product-wise Profitability

Point of Sales

Wings features complete Point of Sales functionality enabling you to do retail billing with all attending features.


Manage Purchases efficiently, from enquires to managing purchase invoices.

Bulk Price Updation

Apply purchase prices for all your products in bulk. You can:

  • Apply prices based on UOMs.
  • Apply prices based on a price list of your choice.
  • Know previous prices.
  • Mark-up or mark-down prices by percentage or value


Get great analysis of your purchases function, including:

  • Purchase Book
  • Requisitions
  • Enquiries
  • Quotations
  • Orders
  • Material Receipts
  • Purchase Invoices

Financial Accounting 

Wings ERP features seamlessly integrated financial accounting, receivables and payables.

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash & Funds Flows
  • General Ledger and all books of accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable including Ageing
  • Party Adjustments -Customer and vendor adjustments

Receivables Payables

Wings ERP helps effective management of receivables and payables:

  • Bill-wise Accounting
  • Overdue Bills
  • User-Defined Ageing Analysis to control old receivables and payables
  • Bulk Reminder Letters from reports to efficiently follow up
  • Interest calculation on overdue bills
  • Reminders by email and SMS


Manage inter-branch transactions:

  • Stock requisition from branches.
  • Stock transfers against requisitions
  • Funds requisition from branches
  • Cash and Bank transfers to branches against requisitions

Inventory Management 

The most complete inventory management in its class, Wings helps you manage inventories efficiently to reduce inventory holding costs.


Manage any number of products with product codes and detailed attributes like product types, product categories, sub-categories, brands, class, sub-class, season, style etc.

Auto SKU Generation based on product attributes like colour, batches, manufacturing date, expiry date and size are also possible. The software also takes care of multiple units of measure including conversion factors – kilos, litres etc. and multiple locations of inventory and retailing such as warehouses, godowns and outlets. Product and batch transfers, excesses and shortages, damaged stock management, reorder management and valuation are a few of the many breakthrough features.


Wings manages Batches easily:

  • Track stock at Batch level
  • In Batches, include branch, transaction date, financial year, MRP, product, product code, supplier batch text, manufacturing date and expiry date.
  • A unique Batch for every purchase, when MRP changes, when manufacturing date/expiry date changes.


Assign barcodes to products and scan them while entering transactions.

The barcode interpreter helps configuring how products are scanned in transactions. Design barcodes with parameters such as product code, MRP, Unit Price etc. and print them.

Multiple Units 

Maintain products in base and alternate measurement units. Use conversion factors to convert from one unit to another.


Maintain inventory across multiple locations within each Branch.


Manage inventory by bins where it is stored.

Stock Conversion 

Convert items of one unit to another. For example, convert bags to packets, drums to litres etc.

Internal consumption, Excesses & Shortages 

Record internal consumption, excesses and shortages of stocks found.


Wings does valuation of inventory by Weighted Average and Weighted Average Monthly methods.

Stock Taking 

Do complete Stock Taking on Wings. Initiate the process, take physical stocks and determine variances.


Minimise inventory holding costs. Manage stocks to reorder. Maintain reorder, minimum and maximum levels. Take reports of stocks to be reordered.


The below graphical representation shows the list of various reports covered under the Inventory module:

  • Stock Ledger
  • Stock Lists
  • Stock Lists with Alternate UOM
  • Stock List with Price Lists-
  • Stock Balances
  • Stock Valuation
  • Stock Valuation by Branch
  • Stock Ageing
  • Stock Transaction Analysis
  • Reorder Reports


Create and manage any number of budgets, for any account or group of accounts, segment-wise, for any period. Get variance analysis to help manage better:

  • Branch-wise Budget Variance
  • Division-wise Budget Variance
  • Department-wise Budget Variance
  • Project-wise Budget Variance
  • Profit-Centre Budget Variance
  • Cost-Centre Budget Variance


Bill of Material 

Create and manage any number of Bills of Material. Specify input materials, quantities, etc for a specified quantity of manufactured goods.

Product Batch Policies 

Maintain policies for creation of product batches manufactured. Specify parameters including if batches are to be created automatically or manually.

Standard prices 

Maintain standard production rates for your products.

Process work orders 

Process work orders placed with your production unit.

Issue Stock 

Issue stocks to product units based on the work orders raised against the chosen finished product.

Returned Stock 

Record the details of stocks returned by the production unit, for example, excess stocks returned.

Receive Finished Goods 

Record receipt of finished goods from production.

Close Work Orders 

Choose from the list of open work orders to be closed.


Manage Income Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) effectively. You can create and manage Assessee Types, TDS types and sub-types, record TDS collected and paid, etc.

Record TDS Certificate Receipts and TDS Certificate Issues.


Wings does the most complete compliance with GST regulations.


Special masters created for GST help better compliance and generation of data for filing returns.

  • Registration Types: Registered, Composition, Unregistered
  • Assessee types: Registered, Composition, Unregistered, SEZ, SEZ Developer, Deemed Exports, Exempted, UIN
  • HSN and SAC
  • Shipping Address
  • Consignor
  • Ecommerce Operator

GST Wizard 

With the easy GST Wizard, you can configure if and how CGST, SGST, IGST and GST Cess would apply to your business.

The Wizard helps you

  • Select applicable Product Categories like Slab-wise, Exempted, etc
  • Select types of parties you deal with – Inter-state, intra-state, etc for Sales, Purchases
  • Select accounts for posting of GST
  • Examine the scenarios in a matrix of all applicable situations


All transactions have been modified to enable proper GST compliance. Automated mechanisms have been incorporated to ensure the appropriate GST type and rate is applied based on HSN/SAC, place of supply, type of customer etc.

GST has been incorporated in Advances related transactions.

Reverse Charge Mechanism and Refund Vouchers has been enabled where applicable.

Month-end transactions are incorporated to generate GSTR 1 and GSTR 2 data.

GST Filer

Wings GST Filer is an independent software that works with all Wings products. It integrates with each and enables generation of required data for GST returns.

  • GST Input Report
  • GST Output Report
  • Gstr 1,2, 3 and all reports

GST Filer provided the mechanism to match Wings data with suppliers’ data as included in GSTR 2 and throws up exceptions for you to manage. As the GST system becomes fully functional, the GSTR Filer shall enable seamless interfaces and integration.

Cutting-edge Features

The complete functionality is packed with great features and
utilities to make accounting easy for you.
This includes

Managing Branches 

If you have teams working from remote locations, Wings ERP is the best way to integrate all of them into one system.

You can easily setup an online system connecting and integrating all your branches and other locations seamlessly. Wings works well with any number of locations, users and volume of data. It also works on regular broadband connections.

Wings is truly the only way to manage any multi-location organisation.


Managing a business spread across multiple locations has serious challenges. For good decisions, timely data from across the company is essential.

  • Often times, you don’t have answers to even simple questions like:
  • What are the receivables, of a branch or the entire company? How aged are they?
  • What are stocks of a product or a line of products, at a location or in an entire company?
  • What are profits of one profit centre or of a branch or of the entire Company?
  • How are some products moving across branches over time?
  • How to minimise leakage of revenue at branches?


Wings offers great value when deployed as an enterprise system integrating many locations:

  • Easy information flow between branches, locations, departments and teams
  • Data of multiple branches automatically and instantly consolidated
  • Instant company-wide reports and analysis
  • Automatic execution of transactions between branches. Examples:
    • inventory in one branch delivered to fulfil orders in another branch
    • orders received in one branch executed by another branch
    • amounts receivable in one branch collected in another branch
  • A single chart of accounts, product list, price list can be used by all.
  • Branch or location-wise data segregation, for security
  • Central admin of software, data and systems

Deploy Wings on a computer in your office or in the cloud to setup an online system. Wings places your finger on the pulse of your systems always, wherever you are. There is no better way to manage your multi-location business.

Good Data, Good Decisions 

Wings helps you understand your business like never before. Wings equips you with essential data to help you make good decisions.

A large set of ready-to-use reports offer you depth and flexibility. The Wings Reports Designer helps you analyse your data even more deeply.

Reports Designer

The Reports Designer gives you huge power over your data. You may specify columns to hide and unhide, widths, arrangement, fonts, colours, column titles, word wrap, sort orders, grouping, filters, conditions, export to Excel, pdf or CSV, emailing etc.

You may add any report to the Dashboard for quick view and instant access.

New Reports 

You may create new reports from existing reports or modify existing reports. Add a new column, add a field from a transaction to a report, add a text column, add an editable column, an image column, to reports. Apply formulae on columns. Add master columns, date columns etc.

Reports modified and saved with new names can be exported and used elsewhere.

Graphs Designer 

All reports on Wings can be taken as charts or graphs of the different types: line, pie and bar charts and many more. Instantly configure charts from all reports and enter your specifications to see reports as you want. Add graphs to Dashboard.

Print Designer

Print Designer enables you to control how reports are printed. It allows you to pull fields/columns from transactions or reports and design print formats on the fly.

The specifications can include: page header, footer, grouping, sorting, barcodes, images like logos, graphs, scripts, etc. And, specify if you should view the report as HTML.

Online Reports Gallery 

The Reports Gallery is a repository of rich Wings reports which you may download and use.

Business Intelligence 

Wings helps you dive deep into your data and discover new insights into your own business. The easy to use Pivot tool can do magic with your data. Pivot (like in Excel) helps you analyse data by any number of parameters, on the fly.

You can transpose rows and columns of a report to generate a matrix view of the report. For example, analyse your sales by regions, hierarchy, products, customers, period etc. Immediately change the orders and take a fresh report, generate a product-wise month-wise sales analysis etc.

You may drag and drop report columns and automatically organise the data; group the data; filter data; show subtotals and grand totals etc.

Reports Scheduler 


Wings will generate and deliver specified reports to authorised users at pre-determined points of time. Scheduled reports push the reports to users to enable timely and informed decisions.

Get a snapshot of your business, a summary of key indices, at all times on your Dashboard. Configure the Dashboard for each user using the easy Dashboard Wizard. Visualise data as graphs, pivots, gauges etc with or without conditions.

You may drill down from the Dashboard elements into detailed reports and transactions.

Mobile Enabled

Wings is mobile-enabled and helps you manage your business using your mobile devices in many ways.

Capture Transactions 

Transactions can be captured and executed using mobile devices. Wings mobile interface offers the same functionality as a desktop screen, suitably modified for the mobile screen form factor.

Wings enables capturing of sales orders, raising of sales invoices, collection of amounts etc by travelling salesmen using mobile devices.

The data captured is instantly stored in the Wings database without requiring any additional integration or transfer.

Reports on mobile 

Wings reports can be viewed on mobile devices conveniently.


The Wings Dashboards can be viewed on mobile devices in a like manner as they can be viewed on desktops.

Push Notifications 

Mobile devices can be configured to receive Push Notifications from Wings, triggered by the happening of some events. For example, a notification can be pushed onto the mobile phone of the manager on the booking of an order by a salesman.

Total Control 

Powerful tools help you remain in total control of your business.

Role-based User Rights, Transaction Authorisation, SMS, Alerts, Branches & Divisions, Segments, Linked transactions, Multi-Currency, Transaction Templates, Peripherals, deep Customisation, and more. All to help you manage your business better.


Workbench is a powerful, path breaking innovation in Wings. Every user sees activities to be done by him (like Enquiries to follow up, Orders to raise, Deliveries to make, Invoice to raise) on his Workbench. You don’t miss a task you have to do. Manage by exception.

Prioritize the activities to do based on due dates.

Define team hierarchies. Send alerts of activities becoming due or overdue to everyone (or selectively) in the hierarchy.


Connect with your customers and keep them happy. Send out SMS’s to customers, suppliers, employees etc. Singly or in bulk. Instantly while entering transactions or from reports.

SMS’s can include data and your own text. SMS’s may be about anything – items ready to deliver, reminders about outstanding payments, birthday or anniversary greetings, etc.

SMS can be used to send Alerts, Notifications, Reminders, to run campaigns etc. Examples: Delivery Intimations; Payment Reminders; Stock Availability Notification; Promotions and Discounts Campaigns; Festival, Birthday or Anniversary Greetings.

User Rights 

Extensive role-based user rights enables tight security in the company.

Create roles and attach or deny rights to individual functions or parts of the software to each role. Assign roles to individuals so they get precisely the rights you desire. Examples: Cashier manages only cash; storekeeper has no access to accounts; Sales person not have access to inventory or finance; etc.

Branch-based data segregation ensures that users have access to only data that is relevant to them and not others.

Transaction Authorization 

Wings helps you set up an authorization process for transactions. For example, you may want an expense to be authorised by a senior; or a leave application to be authorized by a manager.

Once you have setup Transaction Authorisation, every time the transaction is executed, it will require an online approval by the person required to authorise before being posted.

Authorisations can be simple, or based on fulfilment of specified criteria, etc.


Wings features complete workflow to help you manage your business from the system. Sequential transactions are linked for effective control and integrity of various functions.


Wings helps you manage any number of Profit Centres, Cost Centres, Departments, Locations etc. Take reports for any combination of them. Segments are an invaluable tool for businesses.

Wings also manages inventory by location.

Wings offers in-depth analysis of your data with segmental reporting. You can take any report based on any combination of segments such as sales by Profit Centre, Location-wise stock availability, Project-wise expense statement, Location-wise stock movement, etc.


Wings supports full multi-currency operations. You may execute transactions and maintain your data in multiple currencies besides the default currency.

Each currency can have its own prefix, suffix, symbols and these can be used in documents, reports etc. Maintain exchange rates fluctuations ‘with effect from’ dates.

Wings enables you to transact in any currency and take reports in any currency of your choice. For instance, you may enter sales in ‘INR’ and take Sales Book in ‘USD’, or ‘Euro’.


Wings throws up various Alerts when a specified parameter is reached. Examples:

  • Negative Cash Alerts for Company
  • Negative Cash Alerts by Branches
  • Credit Limits Exceeded for Customers – for Company
  • Credit Limits Exceeded for Customers – by Branches
  • Overdue Bills Alerts when number of bills attempted to be exceeded
  • Negative Stock Alerts – Batch-wise
  • Negative Stock Alerts – Bin-wise
  • Reorder Level Alerts – By Location and Products
  • Budget Alerts – when Budget expense exceeds Budgeted amounts

Templates Gallery 

A large number of pre-designed, ready to use print templates are available in the Gallery for you to access and use. The gallery contains regular updates to transaction formats such as invoices, receipt/payment vouchers etc.

Peripheral Devices 

Wings works with all peripheral devices like barcode scanners, cash drawers, pole displays, scanners, weighing machines etc. This helps it work across all business processes and industries seamlessly.

You may plug-in and start working with most third-party devices. Integrate any device with any transaction or report.

Peripheral Devices 

Wings works with most barcode scanners. Scan barcodes of products, employees, fixed assets, identification etc for any purpose.

Barcode Printers 

You can print barcode labels from transaction or reports using any barcode printer – thermal, dot matrix or laser.

Pole Display Units 

Attach pole display units to computers for POS and retail operations. It automatically displays item quantity, rate and total amount payable at the time of billing. User-defined welcome and shutdown messages at the time of counter opening and closing is also possible.

Cash Drawers 

You can open the cash tray automatically at the time of billing, with Wings. You may also open it manually using a Hot Key.

Biometric Devices 

Connect and use your biometric devices with Wings. For example, you may use your biometric attendance machine to import employee attendance details etc.

Weighing Machines 

Wings automatically processes and displays the item weight in transactions.

Credit Card/ Debit Card Swipe Machines 

Details of credit and debit card such as card name, card holder name, type of the card, expiry date, etc. are automatically picked up when swiped.

Attendance Machines 

Wings integrates with attendance machines by being able to import bulk attendance data generated by the machines.


Wings is hugely customisable. You may enable or disable the use of products, modules and features across the system. You may also customise the transaction screens, reports, Dashboard etc for each user.

Wings enables a very large number of settings:

  • Date formats
  • Decimal preferences
  • Enable or disable any module or feature
  • Default Segments
  • Manage features such as Comments, Additional Information, Reference Bill Details, Images, SMS, Codes etc.
  • Enable or disable taxes and price lists that apply to your company or branch.
  • Manage features such as transport details, reasons, dispatch address etc. that are required for logistics.
  • Manage features such as PDCs, Bank Charges, Credit Cards, Interbank etc.

Configure Transactions 

  • Change Caption
  • Hide or show the field
  • Show field in Header with alignment
  • Zoom
  • Decimal place settings
  • Make fields Read-only or Editable
  • Make mandatory
  • Change width of columns
  • Change title of a tab
  • Hide or show columns
  • Make columns read-only or Editable
  • Default values for any field
  • Hide or unhide any Transaction Tab.
  • Use Extended Fields

Customise Reports 

  • Format columns for size, font and colours.
  • Take reports in Tree view
  • Take final reports in T-Form (horizontal form).
  • Filter reports based on any criteria
  • Apply views such as Sort and Group.


Wings Dashboard can be configured for every user.


Using Wings, you can send out Bulletins to some or all your users with data, instructions etc. Extremely useful for great communication.

Support Centre 

From within Wings, you can report issues about the software to the Wings HelpDesk enabling you to monitor and track the issues.

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