Wings enables a very large number of settings:

  • Date formats
  • Decimal preferences
  • Enable or disable any module or feature
  • Default Segments
  • Manage features such as Comments, Additional Information, Reference Bill Details, Images, SMS, Codes etc.
  • Enable or disable taxes and price lists that apply to your company or branch.
  • Manage features such as transport details, reasons, dispatch address etc. that are required for logistics.
  • Manage features such as PDCs, Bank Charges, Credit Cards, and Interbank etc.
  • Additional Dates, Check Boxes, Info fields, and Values.
  • Terms and conditions, Reasons and Transport Details

Configure Transactions

You may configure individual transaction screens in many ways:

  • Change Caption
  • Hide or show the field
  • Show field in Header with alignment
  • Zoom
  • Decimal place settings
  • Make fields Read-only or Editable
  • Make mandatory
  • Change width of columns
  • Change title of a tab
  • Hide or show columns
  • Make columns read-only or Editable
  • Default values for any field
  • Hide or unhide any Transaction Tab.
  • Use Extended Fields

Customise Reports

You may customise all reports to make them suitable for you.

  • Apply Matrix on Reports
  • Use Formulas in Reports
  • Use Pivot.
  • Add report columns
  • Search in generated reports
  • Configure Charts as desired
  • Format columns for size, font and colours.
  • Take reports in Tree view
  • Take final reports in T-Form (horizontal form).
  • Filter reports based on any criteria
  • Apply views such as Sort and Group.
  • Calculate Date Differences
  • Add report columns


Wings Dashboard can be configured for every user. The Dashboard can give key metrics useful to every individual user without having to take detailed reports.