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Wings Trade, ver 16+, has been used by thousands of distributors of FMCG and other products.
Wings Trade, desktop software, has been upgraded to Wings Trade 21D to help and enable users easily comply with the new GST regime.
Wings Trade 21D shall help businesses apply the correct GST rate to their products and raise correct invoices, account for input credits, apply input credits, prepare GST returns and, with the help of Wings GST Flier, file GST returns online.

Wings Trade 21D

Wings Trade is a complete software for distributors and traders of FMCG and packaged goods products.

Wings Trade offers the following:

  • Automate all operations of distributors including billing (with or without bar codes), collections, receivables & payables, inventory management, financial accounting, ordering etc. The distributor does not require any other software to manage his accounts etc. Wings Trade can work for any number of product lines, godowns, warehouses, businesses and principals.
  • Define and manage promotional schemes of all kinds, incentives, claims etc tightly integrated with billing, inventory and accounting.
  • Valuable tools like Report Writer, Forms & Invoice Designer etc help distributors and companies adapt the software to new, evolving and varied requirements.
  • Generate critical analysis and reports of sales (primary & secondary), promotional schemes performance, inventories, salesmen productivity, etc
  • Transmit reports to principal company over the internet
  • A user interface which makes it amazingly easy to learn and use, enabling quick and trouble-free deployment.
  • Useful features like Trade uploading of product masters, price lists, promotional schemes, orders etc send by principal companies over the internet.
  • Offers huge control to the principal company on ability of distributors to change product masters, price lists, promotional schemes to enable uniformity across the supply chain.
  • Huge flexibility in usage – allowing exiting business practices to be Aurtomated without distributor having to change his processes.

Wings Trade helps distributors and stockists increase the efficiency of their operations. Wings Trade offers a complete solution for distributors. It Aurtomates al l functions of the distributors’ business so that the distributors does not require any other software to manage his business.


Wings Trade is comprehensive. It offers:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Sales and Purchases
  • Orders
  • Accounts Receivable and Payables
  • Inventory
  • Promotional Schemes
  • Claims
  • Security
  • Report Writer and Invoice Designer
  • 12 Indian Languages

Multiple Modes

Wings Trade is flexible.

  • Wings supports multiple business models. It adapts to the different ways in which companies and their distributors do business without requiring any changes to their processes and systems.
  • Multiple companies, firms, individuals etc
  • Multiple businesses for each company
  • Multiple Profit Centres/Lines of business of each Principal Company
  • Multiple Principals
  • Multiple Locations/Godowns
  • Multiple Units of Inventory Handling – in Unit/Pack/Case/Kg/Ltrs/Crates etc

Special Features

Wings Trade offers features which are special to distributors. These include:

  • Promo Schemes, Display Schemes, Coupon Schemes.
  • Routes/Beats – for billing, collection, dispatches etc
  • Load Charts and with Delivery Instructions
  • Van Sales/Ready Stock
  • Salesmen Productivity
  • Sales Analysis including Coverage, Distribution width & Effective Coverage
  • Retail Performance
  • Offtake Reporting
  • RDS Spent Reporting
  • Sales Monitoring Reports
  • Salesman Category Penetration Reports
  • Targets Vs Achievements. And more.