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Sales Force Automation

• Mobile app to capture orders, collections etc. on the go
• Dashboard on mobiles
• Key metrics and analytics by mobile notifications
• Connecting with customers by SMS


wings software order management
Wings now goes Mobile!

Stay connected to your business all the time, whenever and wherever you are, just using your mobile phone, iPad or any other tablet, over the internet.

Presently, Wings offer the rich, customisable Dashboard on your mobile devices so that you have instant access to the entire snapshot of your business instantly.

Very soon, your team members would also be able to enter orders, deliveries and take reports as well.

The Wings Dashboard on mobile works with all Wings modules.

Mobile Devices
Access your Wings Dashboard using your mobile devices, iPad or other tablets. Wings Dashboard is available on almost any mobile device.

Any Device

Wings Dashboard works straight from the browser. It is, therefore, not dependent on the operating system of your mobile device. You can use it from your iPhone, iPad,Samsung or any other Android phone or other devices which offers a web browser.

Wings works effectively on any browser – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. All you need to do is, open a browser on your mobile device and connect to Wings to view and access your Dashboard.

Hugely Customisable

You can customize and control your Dashboard to a great extent:
– Create visualization items – Graphs, Guages etc.
– Create your Dashboard tabs with items
– Create Pivots and Grids
– Filter Dashboard data with conditions
– Sort Dashboard data in ascending or descending orders
– And more…

Enable or disable any module. All the features and functionality of the disabled module will be hidden till you enable it.



wings software order management
Wings App for Android helps you improve efficiencies dramatically by capturing data in the field and synchronising it with the Wings Server in batch mode.

Travelling sales people can take orders, enter collections and such other data while in the field on their Android phones or tablets.

Similarly, stock taking can be done in stores and warehouses on mobile devices.

All this ensures that such data is not captured manually on paper and subsequently entered in the systems. Unimaginable efficiencies are achieved, errors avoided, costs minimised.

To enable data to be executed, the app offers transaction screens which validate data entered and store it. The app downloads from the Server required masters like products, customers etc.

The Wings app works with all the Wings products and solutions.

Offline Synchronisation
The data captured is stored locally on the mobile devices. It is synchronised with the Wings Server in batch mode, whenever the user desires, for instance in the evenings when the device is in a Wi-Fi zone. This ensures that the system can work without being connected continuously using expensive airtime.


Reports and Queries

wings software order management
Managers can now view key analytics of the business on the Dashboard. The Dashboard gives a snapshot of the business by displaying various reports, summarised and detailed, which may be critical for business.

The reports can be real-time, in figures or in charts. Reports can be drilled down for a more detailed understanding of underlying data.

The Dashboard can be viewed from any mobile device, Android, Apple, Windows or Blackberry, from a browser.

Users can also query Wings about information essential at any point of time. Like, for example, availability of stock, receivable from a party etc.