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Partner Programs

Partnering with Wings can be profitable to you! Businesses world over are in an automation overdrive resulting in large need of software solutions. This results in opportunities that are fueled by an everlasting demand for computer-savvy and software-trained professionals.


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If you are a vendor of hardware or software, a system integrator, or a professional who has businesses as clients, we invite you to sell Wings. Because, Wings offers a unique and valuable opportunity to you to make your clients happy, and to maximise your profits.

You can offer Wings to all your clients – small, medium and large businesses. In whichever business they may be.

Wings offers excellent compensation, both one-time and recurring. And, becoming a Wings partner is easy and effortless.

Refer, Sell, Implement or Support

You may choose any of these options:

  • Stock and sell Wings to your clients
  • Refer Wings to your clients or refer enquiries to us and we’ll sell, implement and support the software
  • Offer implementation and support services to your clients, optionally, to enlarge your revenues.
You should sell Wings because:

  • It offers a full suite of modules. If your client wishes to automate only accounting, or only payroll or any other function, you can offer only the relevant module of Wings. On the other hand, if your client wishes to automate all its functions, you may offer the entire Wings ERP suite to them. Whatever you choose to do, you will make the client happy, and enlarge your profits.
  • It is the only web-based software available today. It allows businesses with multiple locations to integrate all their branches into one system. You will find many of your clients with branches interested in this.
  • You can offer implementation services to your clients, as an optional service and increase profits. Alternatively, your client can also implement Wings on their own.
  • If your clients need support, Wings can offer support from its Helpdesk, over phone or internet.

Whichever you choose, Wings offers you an opportunity to make huge profits.

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Wings Academy

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Wings Academy is a large network of computer training institutions which offer specialised courses to students on Wings. Potent and extremely useful, the Wings Academy courses help you train candidates and help them make the best out of Wings.

The courses are modular like the software itself and help you cater to a wide range of students – from beginners seeking familiarity with on computers to experts who wish to master the entire gamut of functions.

The Wings Academy courses enable each Authorised Training Centre to disseminate top-class training and also make big profits. An attractive price structure and the assurance of accelerated enrollments ensure that profit margins per student are among some of the highest in the training industry.

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Free software and more value

As an Authorised Training Centre (ATC) you get the Academy edition of the world class Wings software products absolutely free, to train your students.

What is more, Wings can offer you easy to use, detailed courseware. Detailed curriculum to help you structure your course properly. Training for your faculty to help deliver better quality. Certificates to students.

With unstinted support from us and growing popularity of Wings, as an Authorised Training Centre of Wings you are sure to make huge profits and be a winner.