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Wings Accounting Lite, Fully Functional Accounting Software. No restrictions, no obligations, no fine print. Wings Accounting Lite is a world-class accounting software for small businesses available for download and use – completely free!. Wings Accounting Lite is complete and fully functional that should take care of most accounting and inventory requirements of small businesses. It has no limitations or restrictions.

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Wings Accounting Lite allows you to enter the following transactions:
• Sales and Returns (products & services)
• Purchases and Returns (products & services)
• Cash and Bank
• Journal Entries
• Taxes

Wings Accounting Lite maintains a complete set of books and generates all the reports you would need including:
• Profit and Loss
• Balance Sheet
• Cash Flows
• Funds Flow
• Trial Balance
• General Ledger
• Stock List
• Sales, purchases, cash and bank reports, and more

You may use Wings Accounting Lite to do accounting of any number of companies on one computer.

Wings Accounting Lite has most of the great features of Wings. Some of the key features are:

• Reports Designer
• Password Protected Access

Wings Accounting Lite requires Microsoft .Net 3.5 SP1 or above, before it can work.