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Wings ERP for Electronics & Appliances is a special software designed for retailers of consumer durables, home appliances, white goods etc. to help them streamline operations and increase efficiencies, irrespective of size and number of locations.


wings software overview
Wings ERP Retail Appliances is a unique enterprise software in many ways:

  • It is a complete retail solution taking care of all major functions of the retail business.
  • It is seamlessly integrated with a robust back office system of finance, payroll, fixed assets etc. being web-based, it integrates data from multiple stores and warehouses into one system automatically and seamlessly.
  • Wings is perfect whether it is a single store or a chain of stores.

Manage on the Web

wings software dealer solution
With web-based Wings, you can:

  • Easily consolidate data of all stores and warehouses over the internet
  • Get company-wide reports of all functions
  • Standardize and maintain single inventory, customer, supplier and price lists across all stores
  • Configure and manage the software centrally
  • Find out cash balances and stock of each product of each store, instantly
  • Avoid product stock-outs when stock exists in other stores
  • Control prices charged and discounts offered by stores
  • Item order in a store and deliver from another, without communication
  • View customer balance in all branches. Adjust debit balance in one branch against credit balance in another
  • And more…Wings can also be setup as an offline system with automatic synchronisation of data with all locations periodically.

Manage Better

wings software overview and management
Wings ERP Retail is designed to help you run your business better. You can, for example it offers special features like:

  • Walk-in Customers
  • Buy Backs
  • 3rd Party Finance
  • Promotional Gift Offers
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Centralised Deliveries and Billing
  • Logistics-Deliveries, Demos, Installations
  • Credit Cards
  • Batches, Serial Nos, Composite Products etc.
  • Placards
  • Repairs & Replacement
  • Financing
  • 3rd Party Gift Vouchers, etc.

As can be seen, the above takes care of all business processes of book sellers and make Wings ERP Retail Appliances an ideal solution for retailers of home appliances.

Great POS Billing

wings software product manufacturer
Wings ERP Retail Classic has many exciting POS billing features such as:

  • Barcode enabled POS billing screens
  • Fully keyboard enabled and customizable by the user
  • Billing with or without barcodes
  • Billing on all kinds of paper – plain or printed, cut or rolls
  • Bills can be printed on all types of printers – laser, DeskJet, dot matrix, thermal etc.
  • Collection can be made in cash, cheque, credit and debit cards, gift cards and coupons – in multiple currencies at the same time
  • Integration with card swipe machines

Essential POS Features

wings software stock record
Wings ERP Retail offers all the essential features required for efficient POS operations including:

  • Hot Keys
  • Bill Cancellation
  • Hold and refresh
  • Screen locking
  • Void items and transactions
  • Quick find of items and customers with balances
  • Salesman Tracking
  • Sessions, day opening and closing
  • Cash deposits
  • Handovers
  • Exchanges and returns
  • Display of on hand quantities
  • Full view of any product
  • Customer-wise discounts
  • Discounts as amount/percentage or on specific products and bills
  • Automatic round off of bill amount
  • Multiple collection modes
  • User-defined fonts and sizes for visibility
  • User-defined screen layouts
  • Summary display of billing and collections info

These POS features enable you to:

  • Adjust sales returns and exchanges in the bill
  • Counter invoice with separate collections
  • Counter invoice settlements at the end of the day
  • Search by Products name, code, description, etc.
  • Display images of product in Sales

Barcodes and Labels

wings software inventory management barcodes
Wings ERP Retail can generate barcodes for products, tag them and print them. Barcode interpretation helps intelligent understanding of the barcodes.

Wings supports 2D matrix barcode scanning – such as QR Codes. You can now scan a grouped barcode (main barcode for packages) and Wings automatically scans individual barcodes of each item.

The Label Designer enables you to design labels, include fields like product, batch, product code, bar code etc. and print them on label stationery, adhesive sheets or plain paper on laser or barcode printers.

Complete Suite

wings software complete suite
Wings ERP Retail Classic helps you automate all functions of your business with modules which work seamlessly integrated.

  • POS
  • Inventory
  • Purchases
  • Centralised Purchasing & Distribution
  • Centralised Deliveries and Billing
  • Promotional Gift Offers
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Inter-Branch
  • Walk-in Customers
  • Buy Backs
  • 3rd Party Finance
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Logistics -Deliveries, Demos, Installations
  • Credit Cards
  • Batches, Serial Nos, Composite Products etc.
  • Repairs & Replacement
  • Financing
  • 3rd Party Gift Vouchers, etc
  • Taxes
  • Finance
  • Receivables & Payables
  • Payroll
  • Fixed Assets


wings software inventory management
Wings ERP Retail offers the most complete inventory management in its class. It covers infinite number of products with detailed master information, grouped and classified in tree form, based on product attributes.

The software also enables you to:

  • Complete support for Product Batches
  • Track serial number movement across branches. Maintain composite items. Batches. Classify inventory based on various attributes
  • Manage Composite Products
  • Print placards to identify products on display with all details desired.
  • Assign optional product codes based on product attributes
  • Maintain inventory across multiple locations
  • Record excesses & shortages
  • Manage reorders, valuations etc.
  • Print Product Catalogue with comprehensive information about all products
  • Inventory Trend Analysis
  • Inventory Transaction Analysis

Stock Taking

wings software manage inventory by bins
Wings ERP Retail facilitates easy physical stock taking, with automatic adjustment of shortages and excesses.

Purchase & Distribution

wings software
Manage the complete purchase flow:
– Ordering
– Receipts
– Invoicing
– Returns, etc.
– Full multi-currency enabled

Product last purchase history helps better understanding on price fluctuations by date and supplier.

Minimise workload, reduce errors by managing centralised distribution to multiple stores or godowns with reference to a purchase invoice.

Centralised Deliveries and Billing
Receive orders from all branches, target orders to central warehouse for billing and deliveries.All done seamlessly.

Promotional Gift Offers

wings software promotions and schemes
Manage promotions completely:

  • Define Gift Offers of the retailer or manufacturer.
  • Based on various criteria like dates and time, eligible products, eligible branches etc.
  • Automatic effect in invoices and inventory.
  • Reversal on cancellation or returns.

Price Lists

wings software price updation
With Wings ERP Retail, you can generate a variety of price lists such as:

  • Grouped Price Lists
  • Multiple Price Lists attached to Groups
  • Branch-wise Price Lists
  • Customer-wise Price Lists