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Wings DMS is a complete Distributor Management Solution empowering companies with invaluable control over their distribution and sales so they can plan and strategise better, are able to maximise sales, productivity and profits.


wings software dms fmcg overview
Wings DMS is an end-to-end solution to companies selling goods and services through a chain of distributors, stockists and C&F Agents (‘distributors’). It is aimed to empower companies by:

  • Standardising systems across the distribution chain and imposing discipline in distributors’ operations. For instance, it can help ensure that:
    – the same product SKUs and masters are used by everyone
    – promotions and schemes are passed on to retailers by the distributors.
    – products are not sold at prices varying from standard price lists.
    – reports from all distributors are in the same format and are accurate and reliable
  • Generating critical data from distributors’ systems – including secondary sales, primary sales, inventory, productivity, promo initiatives etc. This alone gives an unprecedented insight into product movement, distribution, sales etc.
  • Enabling easy claim and warranty management and settlement, over the web
  • Enabling good decisions based on good data.
  • Enabling better planning and strategies for sales, marketing, promotion and production.
  • Wings Sales Force Automation, the mobile app, seamlessly integrates with Wings DMS.
  • Wings DMS has been customized to work for manufacturers and distributors of all kinds of products. Including FMCG, Packaged Goods.

Benefits to company

wings software manage orders
Benefits to Company
The company deploying Wings DMS can look to deriving great value. A few examples:

  • Standardised systems across the entire distribution chain. Having all distributors on the same system, pre-defined and approved by the company, has enormous obvious advantages. It enables the company and the distributors speak the same language, get identical reports from, and exchange information with distributors in the same formats and on the same platform.
  • The system can impose necessary discipline like disability to change product masters, prices, promotions etc which is critical for good distribution management.
  • Distributors’ data offers invaluable Business Intelligence to companies. This includes data like secondary sales, inventory status and movement, productivity, effectiveness of promotions etc. All this data, when aggregated and summarised, can offer to each manager of the company an insight into the distributors’ business which was hitherto not feasible. It helps in improving sales, marketing and production strategies and plans.
  • A 2-way communication with distributors enables companies also to download data to all or select distributors like product master changes, price changes etc.
  • Management can track inventory available at distributor points.
  • All promotions can be tracked centrally and information is available instantly.
  • Effectiveness of promotions and schemes can be gauged helping superior promotion strategies.
  • Generating Salesman Target versus Achievement, Productivity reports etc is done easily helping increase effectiveness of sales by distributors.
  • Maintenance of Outlet Universe becomes possible. Complete Outlet Masters along with classification becomes available.
  • Details of churn outlets, new outlets, regular outlets and monthly billed outlets give a unique insight.
  • Easier and accurate online claims management helps happier distributors and lower leakages in claims.

Solution View

wings software dms fmcg solution view
Wings DMS can be deployed as an online or offline system. The two options are shown below.

DMS Online
When Wings DMS is deployed online broadly the system works as under:

  • Wings Server with the Company or in the cloud
  • One Database where all data is saved on the Wings Server
  • A separate Reporting Server, if the volume so requires
  • Access using a Smart Client or the Browser
  • Configured and managed centrally:
    – Products
    – Prices
    – Promotions and schemes
    – Tax structures
    – Print layouts
    – Report layouts, etc.

DMS Offline
When Wings DMS is deployed in an offline mode, the system works as under:

  • Wings Server installed at Company on its servers or in the cloud
  • Wings ERP (entirely or select modules) deployed with each Distributor
  • Hands-free management of software at distributors
  • Automatic synchronisation (2-way) of Server with Distributors’ systems at pre-defined intervals
  • Configured and managed centrally:
    – Products
    – Prices
    – Promotions and schemes
    – Tax structures
    – Print layouts
    – Report layouts, etc