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The Way to Manage a Multi-Branch Business

Wings is web-based. It helps companies setup online or offline systems connecting all their branches and other locations seamlessly. Wings is optimised to work on broadband connections and can work with a large number of locations and users. Wings is truly the only way to manage any multi-branch organisation.
How it Works
Online versus Offline


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Managing a business spread across multiple locations has huge challenges. Data is critical for you to take decision. And, time is short but you need good data now. You need data from across the organisation, you need to know what is happening where.

Often times, you don’t have answers to even simple questions like:

• What are the receivables, of a branch or the entire company? How aged are they?
• What are stocks of a product or a line of products, at a location or in an entire company?
• What are profits of one profit centre or of a branch or of the entire Company?
• How are some products moving across branches over time?
• How to minimise leakage of revenue at branches?

Without good answers to such questions, you cannot take good decision, and your business suffers.The only way to manage a multi-location business is to integrate all locations onto a single web-based system.

Wings is the ideal way to do this.

Just deploy Wings on a computer in your office, a web server or in the cloud to setup an online (or offline) system connecting all your teams. Access your ERP, accounting, payroll, or other systems from anywhere – a remote office, factory, warehouse, project site, or even your home, a hotel room, or your car. Or, even a mobile device.

Wings is designed to work optimally on low bandwidth, for any number of users, locations and can handle any quantum of data. Wings, across all locations, can be administered centrally. Your finger can be on the pulse of your systems always, wherever you are. There is no better way to manage your multi-location business.

How it Works

How it Works

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Wings is unique and different from traditional software. Here is why:

• You can deploy Wings on your office computers or a web server or in the cloud.
• Users can connect to the system directly over the internet from anywhere. Even with broadband connections.
• Users work directly only on the central server and database without needing a local database.
• Wings is fast and efficient even with large number of users and data.
• The total cost of ownership of Wings is much lower than even traditional, non-web based software.

Local Network
While Wings is web-based, it obviously works efficiently on local networks and even in a single-user mode.



wings software benefits
Wings offers great value when deployed as an online or offline system integrating man locations:

• Easy information flow between branches, locations, departments and teams
• Data of multiple branches automatically and instantly consolidated
• Instant company-wide reports and analysis
• Automatic execution of transactions between branches. Examples:
– inventory in one branch delivered to fulfil orders in another branch
– orders received in one branch executed by another branch
– amounts receivable in one branch collected in another branch
• A single chart of accounts, product list, price list at the head office. All branches use the same lists.
• Branch or location-wise data segregation, so that users of a branch do not have access to data of other branches.
• Tight security by role-based users rights and privileges to access specific parts of the software.
• Manage software and systems only at central server, achieving huge reduction in costs.



wings software offline
You may setup an offline system if an online system is not desirable or feasible.

For example:
– In a retail store fast local billing is required and you cannot afford delays because the connection speed dropped while billing.
– Reliable connectivity is not available or is expensive in some regions.
– The volume of data is so large that it makes sense to have local data saved locally and aggregated in batch mode.

If so, Wings can be deployed as a web-based ‘offline’ system. In this, a ‘satellite’ is installed on a local system to enable independent operations without continuous connection with the Wings server. The satellite requires the software and database to be deployed locally. The satellite synchronises with the Wings server periodically over the internet. Synchronisation can be setup to happen automatically at pre-specified intervals. Wings can be deployed in a hybrid mode also: some locations can be online and others offline.

Even in an offline system, administration remains central. Product masters, prices, promotions, user rights etc can be determined centrally and all satellites can be mandated to use them.

Online versus Offline

Online versus Offline