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Good Data, Good Decisions

To make good decisions, you need good data. Wings is designed to give you the deepest insight into your business and equip you to make good decisions. Wings offers a large set of ready-to-use reports which offer depth, flexibility, are fast and printable. The Wings Reports Designer helps you analyse your data even more deeply, in varied ways. Wings helps you understand your business like never before.

What You Can Do

wings software good data good decisions

The Reports Designer empowers you to do much on the rich Wings reports.

  • Columns
  • Hide and unhide columns
  • Column widths
  • Re-arrange columns
  • Fonts and colours
  • Column titles
  • Word-wrap

Sort reports on any criteria, applying ascending or descending sort orders to report columns and rearrange report data. Apply sort preferences along with sequence of sorting on multiple columns.

Group reports on any field, view data in a summarized or detailed manner based on the grouped field. For example, in a report grouped by date, take expanded or collapsed reports for each date.

Filter reports on any criteria. Use operators such as >, <, = etc.

Take conditional reports on any criteria on any column.

Tree and T-Form Reports
Take reports in tree view, ie, in the order in which masters are grouped. Financial Statements come in T-Form, i.e., horizontal format at the same time.

E-Mail Reports
Export reports to MS Excel or as Text files, which you can email. Export reports and documents as PDF files for emailing.

Add Data

wings software order management
Add Data
You may add several types of data to a Wings report, in a new column.

Transaction Data
Add any field from a transaction to a report and enrich it. Create virtually any number of new reports with such data from transaction fields as you want.

Special Columns
Add Special Columns like a user-defined text column, an editable column (allows to add text after the column is added in the report), image column, etc.

Formula Columns
Apply formulae on existing columns and get results included in the report. The formula builder helps you easily add formulae of your choice.

Master Columns

Add master related columns in a report such as the city or phone number of a customer,the group to which the master belongs, code etc.

Date Columns
Add date columns in a report such as the transaction date and time, month and year, current date etc. You may also add a user-defined date column which helps you add a date of your choice. The choice is wider including difference between two date values in the report, total days, week number etc.

Reports modified and saved with new names can be exported and used in other branches.


wings software overview
You may add any report to the Dashboard for quick view and instant access. You may:

  • Add reports as Favourites
  • Maintain reports grouped
  • Obtain instant information from any report by adding any column of any report to Quick Info.

Online Reports Gallery

wings software good data good decisions
The Reports Gallery is a repository of rich Wings reports which you may download and use.

Graphs Designer

wings software good data good decisions
A picture is equal to thousand words. All reports on Wings can be taken as charts or graphs of the different types: line, pie and bar charts.

The Graphs Designer allows you to instantly configure charts from all or any reports of your choice. You can:

  • Give your own titles
  • Select data columns from reports to be drawn
  • Show/hide gridlines
  • Specify whether to show legends.
  • Specify legend alignment
Graphs are great tools for understanding the big picture of your business easily. And to present data in a summarized manner. You can add favourite Graphs (frequently used) to Dashboard for quick and instant view.

Print Designer

wings software good data good decisions
The Print Designer gives you control over how you print reports. It allows you to pull fields/columns from transactions or reports and design print formats on the fly, as you desire.

The Print Designer is an easy-to-use, graphic based, drag-drop utility which allows you to simply drag and drop the desired fields/columns from any transaction or report, format the

design as per your needs, set various properties such as colours, fonts, sizes, borders, shapes etc.

With Wings Print Designer, you can do the following.

Page Header
You can add details in page header that you wish to print on every page. For example: the company title, address and contact details, transaction number, party name, address and contact details etc. You may also add static text, logos, images, shapes etc.

In the footer section, you may add summary information such as the total amount, total tax, total discount, terms and conditions, authorised signatory etc.

You may groupthe report on desired field/column. The data will be printed by grouping applied on selected fields/columns. For example, if you wish to print details by grouping on products.

You can do sorting on fields/columns in the desired order – Ascending or Descending.


You may add a barcode field to print. For example, you wish to print barcode labels to be tagged to your products. Or, if you wish to print the barcode of your bill number. You can simply drag and drop the Barcode tool into the designer and set its properties.

Images Add pictures to your print formats, such as your company logo, employee image or product pictures etc.

Add pictures to your print formats, such as your company logo, employee image or product pictures etc..

You may also add graphs in the designer. The graphs applied are shown in real-time and are printed too.

View As HTML
The applied configurations in the designer can be viewed in HTML format.

You may also choose to add your own scripts to the designer to modify the look and feel of the print.

You may also save the configuration done by you for future use.

The Print Designer prints the saved designs any time when required. You may also see a preview before printing..

You can export the saved designs and import them at your branches or locations without having to redesign the whole stuff..

Business Intelligence with Pivots

wings software good data good decisions
The powerful Pivot tool can do magic with your data. Pivot (like in Excel) helps you analyse data by any number of parameters, on the fly.

You can transpose rows and columns of a report to generate a matrix view of the report. For example, analyse your sales by regions, hierarchy, products, customers, period etc. Immediately change the orders and take a fresh report, generate a product-wise month-wise sales analysis etc.

The Pivot enables you to:

  • Drag and drop report columns and automatically organisethe data to pivot table
  • Group the data
  • Filter data based on a report column
  • Show subtotals and grand totals
  • Choose from several graphs to plot on the visible data
  • Export charts to various formats such as XLS, PDF, HTML etc.
  • Export the visible data to many formats such as XLS, XLSX, HTML, PDF, Image file etc.
  • Preview/Print the visible data