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Drive your auto dealerships hands-free. Complete ERP solution for OEMs and dealers of 2/3/4 wheelers and tractors. Integrate your automobile, finance, spares and inventory in one system.


wings software dealer overview
Hands-free Dealership!

  • Manage your auto dealership without being personally present everywhere.
  • Connect all branches, workshops and even sub-dealers on a single system, over the internet. Automatic consolidated data and company-wide reports.
  • Connect all teams on the same system, as Wings takes cares of all business processes.
  • Seamless integration with financial accounting and payroll.
  • Control revenue and stock leakages by restricting user access to enter and edit data.
  • Know your business in-depth, and make better decisions.
  • Check out key analytics on the Dashboard, even from your mobile device.
  • Completely customized for automobile dealers.

Current Generation Software

  • Wings Auto ERP is the most current generation software for auto dealers. It takes care of all requirements of a modern dealership, and also offers cutting edge tools to help manage businesses better.
  • Wings is the only software which enables a dealer to manage dealerships of multiple manufacturers on the same system.
  • Manage any number of Branches and Sub-Dealers by having them on the same system.
  • Wings is very easy to use. Existing staff – even mechanics – can use it.

Dealer Solution Overview

wings software dealer solution
  • Deploy Wings at HO
  • Connect all Branches and Workshops over the internet
  • Choose Offline or Online, depending on feasibility
  • Optionally, deploy Wings with Sub-Dealers
  • Achieve: automatic aggregation of data, instant company-wide reports, centralised controls etc.

Integrated System

wings software integrated system
  • Showroom
  • Spares
  • Service
  • CRM
  • Sub-dealers
  • Vehicle Financing
  • Payroll
  • Insurance
  • Accounting


wings software multi-brand
  • Two Wheelers
  • Three Wheelers
  • Four Wheelers
  • Tractors

Efficient Vehicle Procurement

wings software efficient vehicle procurement
  • Analyse prior sales and estimate the demand
  • Consider stock in hand, orders already placed pending to be delivered and estimate quantity to be ordered.
  • Comprehensive work flow management: Purchase Orders, Receipts, Company Invoice.
  • Chassis Number wise stock maintenance.
  • Import Chassis details from an excel/text file and create chassis details, in bulk. Avoid tedious data entry and eliminate errors.
  • Know the accurate stock position with in-transit, branch wise, location wise, model wise, chassis wise details.
  • Enable your sales team to give accurate delivery details to customers.

Efficient Vehicle Sales

wings software efficient vehicle sales
  • Comprehensive work flow, from leads to billing
  • Record enquiries. Capture customer information and requirement in detail.
  • Track enquiries, branch-wise, model-wise, executive-wise.
  • Setup effective follow-up on enquiries mechanism, communicate with customers.
  • Record and analyse reasons for lost enquiries.
  • Analyse open enquiries and reduce time to convert leads into sales.
  • Record bookings and help the procurement team in meeting the requirement by checking the stock positions and pending bookings.

Efficient Spares Management

wings software efficient spares management
  • Maintain a complete list of spares. Define Prices, taxes and other attributes
  • Reduce accumulation of obsolete parts over time. Minimize the investment in spares
    – Update superseded status for items which have been superseded by newer parts.
    – Define Alternate Parts
    – Update discontinued status
  • Define Racks and Bins in which items are stored. Assign bins to products.
    – Reduce occurrences of not finding required items.
    – Reduce the time taken to find items from spares.
    – Improve sales by finding required items correctly.
  • Periodical stock taking helps better inventory management.

Efficient Spares Sales

wings software efficient spares sales
  • Sell efficiently
  • Predefine Prices, Taxes, and avoid revenue losses.
  • Use Pick Lists
  • Find Items from stores easily
  • Take orders for items not available
  • Capture non-picked items, avoid missing out on a sale
  • Create an efficient billing process. Bill for the correct value. Avoid losses.

Efficient Servicing

wings software efficient servicing
  • Comprehensive Estimations to Billing work flow.
  • Build efficient service teams
    – Setup Service schedules
    – Define Service Bays, Mechanics. Allocate Job Cards to mechanics
    – Track mechanic performance
    – Record and resolve customer service complaints
    – Monitor Free/Paid Services, avoid free coupon claim rejections
    – Use Spares efficiently, monitor superseded Items
    – Know where/ how much stock exists with stock search & alt. parts search
    – Refer to the vehicle service history
    – Maintain Service History to avoid repeat complaints
    – Gather Post Service feedback from customers

Improve Service Revenue

wings software service revenue
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • PDI claims
  • Service Reminders
  • Warranty claims
  • Free coupon claims
  • Bill all items used in service
  • Insurance Claims
  • Predefined Spares, vehicles and labour charges

Improve Customer Satisfaction

wings software efficient customer service
  • Efficiently communicate service status
  • Raise Proforma Invoice to communicate total service costs
  • Communicate and track next service details
  • Address repeat complaints efficiently
  • Efficiently monitor claims on the company
  • PDI
  • Free Service Coupons
  • Warranty and Extended Warranty

Control Leakages

wings software control revenue
  • Control and minimize leakages of revenue and inventory from all locations
  • Give limited rights to all users centrally. Control what they can enter, edit and view. Lock ability to edit data.
  • Control rights to offer discounts, freebies and other benefits.
  • Make price lists compulsory, avoid manual billing, etc.
  • Barcode inventories and verify stocks periodically to control leakages.
  • Record and track PDI claims on the principal company. Reduce losses because of incorrect and missed claims.
  • Free Service Coupons
  • Data of one branch cannot be viewed by users of another branch.

Integrated Accounting & Payroll

wings software total control
  • Completely integrated financial accounting
  • Get instant Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet
  • Complete receivables and payables control helps manage finances efficiently
  • Integrated Payroll module (optional) helps automate payroll function, improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Happy employees are a bonus.

Happier Customers

wings software
  • Connect with customers over SMS and Email
  • Service reminders by SMSs – increase workshop sales
  • Vehicle delivery notifications by SMSs make customers happier
  • SMS greetings for birthdays, festivals etc help
  • Better feedback customers
  • Lower repeat complaints
  • Easier claims settlements from principals for PDI, warranty and free coupons.
    Improved value-added sales of AMC , insurance, warranty, extended warranty
  • RTA integration (soon)

Command Tools

wings software for auto dealers command tools
The graphic diagram illustrates the tools that can keep you in command.


wings software for auto dealers sub-dealers
  • Sub-Dealer Vehicle Sales
  • Sub-Dealer Spares Sales